Solutions for proteomics

Solutions for proteomics

PolyQuant gained broad expertise in customized design and synthesis of peptides while offering solutions for quantitative proteomics tailored to individual R&D needs in proteomics and life science applications.
Based on our proprietary QconCAT technology, PolyQuant provides quantotypic peptides in form of concatenated polypeptides, serving as internal standards for the absolute quantification of target proteins.


Our products comprise:

customized-qconcat-kits qconcat-service-for-absolute-quantification calibration-standards-for-proteomics
  • Individually designed QconCATs for your absolute protein quantification project
  • Guidance and support by competent experts 
  • Project design
  • Assay development
  • Quantification 
  • Standardize LC-MS workflows and assess LC performance
  • Recalibrate m/z scale post acquisition
  • Stable and accurate prediction of RTs even over extended analysis times ….

QconCAT application areas:

biomarker-identification-and-validation drug-discovery large-scale-proteomics

QconCATs allow the simultaneous quantification of over 50 proteins in a single assay while requiring only low amounts of sample material.

Based on a detailed analysis of your requirements, we will provide you with an isotope-labeled customized-made QconCAT which you can be directly used on any mass spectrometry LC-MS
 instrumentation and setup.


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