Clinical Proteomics

Many currently existing diagnostic methods are based on protein detection by antibodies. However, the quality of the diagnosis depends on the quality of the antibody in terms of specificity, selectivity, sensitivity, cross-reactivity etc. Genetic tests are fast but do not provide quantitative information or information about post-translational modifications, isoforms generated by alternative splicing etc. Thus, the ability of genetic tests to determine the disease stage or to monitor disease progression is limited. Clinical proteomics, being highly sensitive, specific and accurate could add a major improvement to state-of-the-art diagnostics.

We support translational research and the development of:

  • Mass spectrometry-assisted diagnostics (identification and validation of disease-specific biomarkers)
  • Therapeutic drugs (drug target identification, mode-of-action analyses, drug response monitoring, etc.)


Identification of therapeutic targets

Drug response prediction and monitoring

Precision medicine:

  • Biomarker identification and validation for diagnostics
  • High throughput analyses for clinical routine
  • Companion diagnostics

Translational research

Our offer

PolyQuant offers support at every step of the project: from protocol development to target protein and biomarker identification and validation. Consulting and support for external projects.

Receive high quality data and detailed reporting.

For more information, assistance and support in planning and execution of your clinical proteomics project you can contact us:

E-Mail: info[at], Phone: +49 (0)9405 96999 10, Fax: +49 (0)9405 96999 28.

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