QconCAT Kit – cardiovascular diseases

QconCAT Kit – cardiovascular diseases

Detection and absolute quantification of biomarkers linked to cardiovascular diseases

in human, mouse and rat samples

PolyQuant’s CVD Kit provides 212 reference peptides for absolute protein quantification of 47 plasma proteins linked to cardiovascular diseases and is designed for application in human, mouse and rat samples, by using peptides that are shared between all three organisms. The peptides are grouped according to plasma protein expression levels onto four individual QconCAT proteins.

The protein panel includes biomarker proteins enabling the determination of the risk for developing cardiovascular diseases, but can also be adapted for other diseases. It can be easily combined with additional standards for other proteins of interest.

Other labelling options are available upon request.

PolyQuant has established routine protocols for targeted LC-MS/MS measurement of the kit’s peptides. Contact us for sample preparation and measurement service at low cost.

Order Number Size Labelling Price
CVDQuant 200 applications 15N € 2,500.00


Component Description
PQ-CVD-1 QconCAT for high abundant proteins
PQ-CVD-2 QconCAT for medium abundant proteins
PQ-CVD-3 QconCAT for low abundant proteins
PQ-CVD-4 QconCAT for low abundant proteins
RePLiCal Calibration standard for retention time normalization

Use cases:

Targeted LC-MS/MS for the evaluation of proteomics biomarkers in the blood of neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis and late-onset sepsis

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2018

Chatziioannou et al. used a subset of PolyQuant’s CVD kit and some additional proteins of interest. They were able to define two panels of three proteins each that allow highly sensitive diagnosis of late-onset sepsis (LOS) and differential diagnosis between LOS and necrotizing enterocolitis.

Targeting Ligand Independent Tropism of siRNA-LNP by Small Molecules for Directed Therapy of Liver or Myeloid Immune Cells

Advanced Healthcare Materials 2023

mRNA-based vaccine research made huge progress during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. These vaccines require lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for stability and to ensure intracellular delivery. To study the mechanism of LNP distribution in the body, Lin et al analysed the proteome of liver tissue and serum in wild type and (Ldlr)-/- mice. They performed untargeted proteomics to detect alterations of protein abundance in serum upon siRNA-LNP administration and targeted proteomics for more in-depth analysis of selected proteins using QconCATs (CVDQuant).

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Product Information

The CVD-Kit comprises of 4 QconCAT polypeptides covering 47 proteins with 212 peptides and is based on quantitative proteomics results of the TransCard project, a multidisciplinary research consortium of two SMEs and four academic partners studying the molecular origin of disturbed LDL, triglyceride and/or HDL metabolism, correlated with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

By selecting peptides that are shared between human, mouse and rat, the kit can be applied in studies empolying any of these prominent model organisms for CVD research.

The Kit contains 4 heavy isotope labelled QconCAT proteins for 200 applications and the RePLiCal calibration standard for retention time normalization. The QconCAT proteins can be used individually, as mix or in combination with other reference standards.

Protein list:


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