Protein Complex Stoichiometry

Protein Complex Stoichiometry

The function, activity and location of protein complexes can be regulated via post-translational modification of key subunits but also through composition of its subunits.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of protein complexes using mass spectrometry is independent of antibodies and enables further insight into the regulation of protein complexes, metabolic pathways and signalling cascades in their native environment.

Our service includes:

Title of the document
  1. Analysis of protein complex components in whole cell lysates or after immunoprecipitation
  2. Determination of subunit stoichiometry
  3. Quantitative measurement of protein complex subunits

Your advantage

Protein analysis with high sensitivity and specificity


Ultra-sensitive detection with high-end instruments

You receive

Assistance at every step of the project, from sample extraction, digestion to MS analysis

Complete reporting including all acquired data, extraction and digestion protocols, MS settings


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