Targeted Proteomics

Targeted Proteomics

Targeted proteomics is used for in-depth analysis and quantitative measurement of selected proteins in a biological sample and is commonly used for absolute protein quantification, expression profiling, high throughput analysis or routine measurements. Compared to discovery proteomics, it requires information about the target proteins prior to analysis.

Employing targeted proteomics has many advantages:

  • High accuracy
  • Reproducibility
  • Multiplexing capability

Application of targeted proteomics

  • High throughput analysis of your target proteins in large sample numbers
  • Determination of absolute quantities of your proteins of interest
  • Routine analysis in diagnostics and quality control
  • Monitor disease progression or response to treatment

Application areas include quantitative proteomics, expression profiling, diagnostics, disease monitoring, host cell protein analysis, biomarker research, and many more.

PolyQuant offers

Assistance at every step of the project, from sample extraction, digestion to analysis. You can also entitle us to perform the project.

You receive

High quality data and detailed reporting, including sample preparation protocol, settings, absolute protein amounts, etc.

The advantage

Benefit from years of experience conducting and supporting proteomics research.


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