Order Number Description
PQ-CE-1 Custom-made QconCAT, crude extract in denaturing buffer, absolutely quantified
PQ-EP-1 Custom-made QconCAT, purified protein, in denaturing buffer
PQ-HQ-1 Custom-made QconCAT, high quality purified protein, dialysed to appropriate storage buffer

All QconCATs are absolutely quantified by LC-MS/MS and can be purchased with various labelling options.

For other labelling options, please contact us.


Calibration Standards

Order Number Product Package size Price (€)
PQ-CS-1560 RePLiCal – complete protein, lyophilized 1 µg € 189,-
PQ-CS-1561 RePLiCal – peptide mix, lyophilized, digested 1 µg € 199,-
PQ-CS-1561S RePLiCal – peptide mix, lyophilized, digested 200 ng € 59,-
PQ-CS-5370 QCAL – complete protein, lyophilized 25 µg € 95,-
PQ-CS-5371 QCAL – peptide mix lyophilized, digested 25 µg € 99,-

Our prices are net prices, i.e. they do not contain value added taxes or customs fees. These taxes have to be paid by the customer.
The ordered calibration standards are usually shipped 1-2 business days after receiving the order.
The costs of the delivery have to be paid by the customer. Please choose your preferred shipping option

Destination Option Delivery time Shipping costs (€)
Germany DHL standard 2-3 days 5,-
Germany DHL express 1 day 10,-
EU DHL standard 4-12 days 10,-
International FEDEX international priority 3-7 days 25-55,-
depends on destination

If you have questions about shipping please contact us.

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