Biomarker Research

Biomarker Research

Disease-related biomarkers allow diagnosis, monitoring of disease progression in response to treatment and prediction of disease occurence. Thousands of disease associated proteins have already been described. It is also acknowledged that no single molecule characterizes malignant state but protein profiles, also named biomarker panels. These biomarker panels usually consist of 5 to 50 protein candidates and multiplexing tests are essential for their validation. Biomarker research using mass spectrometry-supported proteomics facilitates the identification and validation of biomarker panels.

The Challenge

Development of antibody-based biomarker assays still remains expensive and time consuming and most of them are generated to measure 1-5 proteins. Additionally, the target proteins need to be known and the resulting antibodies need to be thoroughly tested to exclude cross-reactivity. Genetic tests are fast but do not provide quantitative information or information about post-translational modifications, isoforms generated by alternative splicing….

The Solution

Proteomics employing mass spectrometry facilitates much faster identification and validation of new biomarker candidates, even at low levels. Furthermore, it is possible to identify post-translational modifications, to quantitatively evaluate protein expression and even to distinguish between isoforms.


Biomarker research using proteomics is fast, antibody-free and scalable and can be applied at all research stages, from biomarker discovery and validation to routine measurements. 

PolyQuant’s experienced professionals assist at every stage of the project, starting from the identification of biomarker candidate proteins through discovery proteomics to quantitative validation of the biomarker panel using our QconCAT reference standards.


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