Newsletter 1-2024

In our first Newsletter of 2024 we introduce two of our new services utilizing the potential of QconCATs. We also finish our series on QconCAT design and discuss a recent publication employing our QconCATs for absolute protein quantification. more…


Newsletter 4-2023

Our final Newsletter of 2023 is dedicated to research articles published in 2023 using QconCATs by PolyQuant


Newsletter 3-2023

How to design your QconCAT: Part 2 – labelling, current publications employing QconCATs from PolyQuant, where to meet us next, Whitepaper: The impact of sample preparation on data quality in plasma proteomics. more…


Newsletter 2-2023

Summer Special Offer: Save up to 50% on Calibration Standards for Proteomics, Research highlight: Clinical proteomics, How to design your QconCAT: Part 1 – peptide selection. more…


Newsletter 1-2023

Featuring a collaboration with the Fraunhofer ITEM, new products and services by PolyQuant, a new publication featuring QconCATs and a research focus on food analytics using quantitative mass spectrometry… more…


Newsletter 4-2022

Our final Newsletter of 2022 highlights research articles published in 2022 using QconCATs by PolyQuant


Newsletter 3-2022

Special feature: Quality control of recombinant proteins and medical products using LC-MS/MS; Special feature technology: DosCAT; YPIC Challenge: The winners are … more…


Newsletter 2-2022

Special featured product: RePLiCal; Summer Special Offer: Save 15% on QconCATs and up to 50% on Calibration Standards; Research Highlights; YPIC Challenge #3; QconCAT Kit – Cardiovascular Diseases. More….


QconCAT Kit – Cardiovascular Diseases

Now available: QconCAT Kit for detection and absolute quantification of plasma proteins linked to cardiovascular diseases. More….


Newsletter 1-2022

Celebrating 15 years of QconCATs by PolyQuant and highlighting past projects and current challenges in proteomics. More….


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