Phage analytics

Phage analytics

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We support phage research and development of phage-based therapeutics:

  1. Quantification of phage proteins
  2. Determination of virion stoichiometry
  3. Quality control of therapeutics (HCP detection and quantification)
  4. Analyses and support from early R&D to routine testing
  5. GMP-conform procedures

Further reading:

Applications of targeted proteomics in systems biology and translational medicine

Ebhardt et al. Proteomics. 2015 Sep;15(18):3193-208

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Antimicrobial resistance has increased over the past decades and the reducing efficiency of antibiotics demands for new treatments. Phages are natural antibacterial agents and phage research has received a lot of attention, especially its therapeutic application.
As for other biologically derived therapeutics phage-based products demand for sophisticated quality control.
Mass spectrometry enables the identification of thousands of proteins in one measurement, enabling the unbiased detection of host contaminant proteins in therapeutic phages and viral vaccines at low setup costs. Our proprietary QconCAT technology allows for quantitative determination of phage proteins and the stoichiometry of virions, measuring up to 50 virus proteins with a single QconCAT reference standard.
For example, covering the proteome of phiKZ would demand for 4-6 QconCATs, saving you time preparing complex peptide mixes. Additionally, there is no need for production of specific antibodies, enabling fast assay development.

Our offer

Quantification of phage proteins

Time-resolved protein expression of viral proteins and/or selected host proteins

Stoichiometry of whole phages

Highly sensitive detection of HCPs

Highly accurate quantification of selected HCPs

GMP-conform/GMP-approved procedures

Your advantage

Precise quantification

Low per sample cost

Measurement in complex matrices (multiple phages, disturbing chemicals, phage proteins in host cells)

You receive

Fast and robust measurements for routine analyses

Comprehensive analysis, performed and evaluated by experiences professionals

Complete reporting


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