QconCAT – Absolute Protein Quantification

PolyQuant’s proprietary QconCAT technology for absolute protein quantification allows you to:

  • Determine the exact amounts of 10 – 50 of your target proteins with only one QconCAT reference standard in a single read-out.
  • Quantify a complete proteome in one experiment, using multiple QconCATs.
  • Control various kinds of biases during sample preparation.

PolyQuant offers

Individual QconCATs

Your QconCAT reference standard will be individually produced for each project as heavy-labelled protein with the label of your choice. We can also assist you with selecting the best signature peptides for your target proteins. Each QconCAT will be quality controlled via SDS-PAGE (purity) and LC-MS/MS (identity, labelling efficiency, quantity).

Full service

Benefit from our profound expertise in dealing with comprehensive protein quantification projects. For projects involving routine measurements or if you are not equipped with a mass spectrometry unit, we offer assistance at every step of the project, from protocol development, peptide selection to measurement and quantification.

Why QconCATs?

Determining absolute protein quantities can be laborious using western blotting and ELISA. Mass spectrometry enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple proteins but the mass spectrometry signal does not reflect the absolute amount of the underlying protein. Our proprietary QconCAT technology delivers heavy isotope labelled reference standards facilitating absolute protein quantification.

The Advantage

QconCATs facilitate absolute quantification of your target proteins with high accuracy and sensitivity.

As a single protein, the reference peptides are always released in a strict 1:1 ratio, are protected from degradation and adsorption to vessel walls, saving you time and effort preparing peptide mixtures.


Example: Quantification of protein isoforms using QconCAT technology (by Rob Beynon).

More information about the technology and its applications can be found here.

For more information, assistance and support in planning and execution of your quantitative proteomics project you can contact us:

E-Mail: info[at]polyquant.com, Phone: +49 (0)9405 96999 10, Fax: +49 (0)9405 96999 28.

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