Protein analytics and quality control

Protein analytics and quality control

We offer solutions for various types of proteomics projects:

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Production of biosimilars and biologically derived pharmaceuticals (e.g. recombinant protein production) requires sophisticated quality control. Our technology allows monitoring of quality parameters of the major protein component like validation of the major protein component, determination of sequence integrity and post-translational or chemical modifications. Additionally, we offer detection and quantification of sample impurities (host cell protein analysis).

Mass spectrometry assisted proteomics offers a fast and efficient alternative to methods like western blotting or ELISA. Foremost, it allows you to identify hundreds of proteins with a single experiment. Its high sensitivity enables the accurate and reproducible detection and of even low abundant proteins. 

Service Description Price per sample (€)
PQ-PepMap-basic Basic analysis includes sample preparation (tryptic digest), LC-MS/MS, data analysis (list of detected peptides) 500.00
PQ-PepMap-Max Extended analysis includes sample preparation and digest with different proteases, LC-MS/MS, data analysis (list of detected peptides) 1,500.00-2,500.00

Our offer

Peptide and protein analytical services for quality control of:

  • Biopharmaceutical proteins
  • Proteins generated by recombinant expression
  • Proteins purified from biological material

Our services

Host cell protein analysis

Determination of protein purity

Protein integrity (intact mass, degradation products)

Confirmation of protein sequence (peptide mapping)

Detection of chemical and post-translational modifications

You receive

Comprehensive analysis, performed and evaluated by experienced professionals

Complete reporting


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