Discovery proteomics

The purpose of discovery proteomics is to gather information about all proteins and protein forms in a biological sample. With only little previous knowlegde of the sample, discovery proteomics can identify thousands of proteins and protein forms in a single experiment.  Sample fractionation allows for even deeper screening of your samples. Thus, discovery proteomics is typically the first step in any larger proteomics project.

On top of protein identification, discovery proteomics also allows for relative protein quantification, i.e. comparing protein abundances in different samples.

Employing mass spectrometry for discovery proteomics has many advantages:

  • High sensitivity
  • Unbiased approach
  • no complex sample preparation needed

Application areas include expression profiling, host cell protein analysis, identification of chemical modifications, biomarker research, drug target discovery,  mode of action studies, pathway modeling, and many more.

  • Identify 1000s of proteins even at very low levels in a small set of samples
  • Analyze and compare the proteome of an organism under specific conditions
  • Identify the best reference peptides for quantitative proteomics
  • Assess the purity of your protein preparation, measure host cell proteins from the expression host
  • Identify whole organisms or proteinaceous contaminants in your analyte

PolyQuant offers

Assistance at every step of the project, from sample extraction and digestion to analysis. You can also entitle us to perform the whole project.

You Receive

High quality data and detailed reporting including sample preparation protocol, settings, list of identified proteins/organisms/organic contaminations and fit-for-purpose bioinformatic analysis.

The advantage

Benefit from years of experience conducting MS-based research studies.

For more information, assistance and support in planning and execution of your proteomics project you can contact us:

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