Calibration standards for proteomics

Calibration standards for proteomics


PolyQuant offers peptide based calibration standards customized for use in optimisation and standardisation of MS and HPLC instrumentation,  for commonly employed platforms and settings for proteomics research.


QCAL – mass spectrometry (MS) calibration standard


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PQ-CS-5370 QCAL – complete protein
lyophilized, undigested
25 µg 95,-  phoneE-mailOrder-form
PQ-CS-5371 QCAL – peptide mix
lyophilized, digested
25 µg 99,-
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Product Information

QCAL calibration standards for mass spectrometry


  • Assess and optimize instrument resolution


  • Test the linearity of signal detection


  • Assess peptide modification such as deamidation, methionine oxidation and modification of lysine residues


  • Compare proteomics data within and between laboratories


  • Evaluate peptide separation by reversed-phase chromatography
QCAL is a MS calibration standard that is built from 22 peptides, ranging from ~ 410- 3100 Da and is designed to provide standards for peptide separation by reversed-phase chromatography, to facilitate the assessment and optimisation of instrument resolution and to evaluate the linearity of signal detection in different MS instruments, including MALDI-ToF, ESI MS and FTICR. QCAL also includes peptides containing amino acid residues subject to modification (oxidation of methionine, deamidation of gln/asn) and modification of lysine residues by guanidination, allowing the routine monitoring of these processes. For more information, see the original publication.


25 µg or 479 pmol of QCAL (digested or undigested) equal 50 – 500 injections (1 – 10 pmol/injection).



RePLiCal – retention time standard for HPLC instrument calibration


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PQ-CS-1560 RePLiCal – complete protein
lyophilized, undigested
1 µg € 189,-  phoneE-mailOrder-form
PQ-CS-1561 RePLiCal – peptide mix
lyophilized, digested
1 µg € 199,-
PQ-CS-1561S RePLiCal – peptide mix
lyophilized, digested
200 ng € 59,-
PQ-CS-1562 RePLiCal – complete protein,
lyophilized, 13C-Arg/Lys-labelled
2 µg € 249,-
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Product Information

RePLiCal calibration standards for HPLC




  • Higher number of calibrant points than other commercially available peptide standard kits


  • Stable RTs over long analysis times allow the prediction of RTs for other peptides in a timely manner


  • Includes two highly hydrophilic peptides to allow testing of column trapping performance


RePLiCal is a HPLC calibration standard that is buildt from 27 lysine-terminating calibrant peptides. The peptides do not contain methionine, tryptophan, cysteine, and N-terminal glutamine residues. Also aspartic acid-proline, asparagine-proline and asparagine-glycine motifs are absent. It can be applied to calibration of LC gradients and nano uHPLC instruments using trap-elute configurations, real-time scheduling of selected reaction monitoring (SRM) experiments and recalibration of the m/z scale of mass spectrometry (MS) data post-acquisition. Find more information in the original publication.


1 µg RePLiCal or 25510 fmol (digested or undigested) equals 250 – 500 injections (50 – 100 fmol/injection).


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