QconCATs for absolute protein quantification

Absolute protein quantification


In proteomics studies, absolute quantification of protein abundance is a challenging task. Especially projects aimed for investigating alterations in the proteome in response to environmental changes can quickly become laborious.

Western blotting is time-consuming and expensive especially if new antibodies have to be raised. It also only allows the relative quantification of one protein at a time.

To obtain information on a large number of proteins, mass spectrometry (MS) is a very attractive cost-efficient method. Unfortunately, the relationship between a mass spectrometric signal and the amount of the underlying protein is not linear. Therefore MS analysis provides no quantitative statements.


Why use QconCATs?


Our patented QconCAT technology enables absolute quantification of protein amounts using mass spectrometry.

After selecting proteotypic peptides, PolyQuant produces a custom-made isotope labelled peptide reference standard for your protein quantification project. One QconCAT reference standard allows you to determine the exact amounts of 10-50 target proteins in a single MS run and makes mass spectrometry an efficient quantitative method.

A key aspect of the QconCAT reference standard is its extensibility. For example: you can use more than one QconCAT at a time, but also add single reference peptides. By chemical synthesis, these peptides can be supplemented within a few days.

The QconCAT technology fits easily to other MS-based methods, such as AQUA, iTRAQ and iCAT. This in particular means that MS-users can integrate QconCATs into existing workflows.

Being a concatemer, the QconCAT technology is also advantageous as it allows the generation of peptides which are difficult to produce by chemical synthesis.

Furthermore, the proteotypic peptides are released in a 1:1 ratio, which eliminates variations derived from solubility problems of synthetic peptides.


QconCAT application areas


QconCAT technology applies to various fields of research like biomarker research and validation, drug discovery and toxicology, diagnostics, clinical studies, food safety and quality control, proteomics and systems biology [read more…]


You can order a custom-made QconCAT for your absolute protein quantification project. For customers who are not equipped with an appropriate instrument platform, PolyQuant also offers a full protein quantification service tailored for your needs.


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