QconCAT services

absolute protein quantification service


PolyQuants absolute protein quantification service is ideal for customers who want to implement QconCAT technology to their targeted proteomics projects but are not equipped with an appropriate instrument platform. Our workflow covers development of an assay based on QconCAT technology and quantification of the proteins of interest in provided samples.

Depending on the project requirements, the workflow can include development of a sample preparation protocol. Such a protocol could also include depletion of highly abundant and/or enrichment of low abundant proteins.

The established workflow then enables the exact quantification of a large set of project-related target proteins. Furthermore, the service can be extended to performing routine measurements (i. e. diagnostics, disease monitoring etc.).




absolute protein quantification service workflow



Benefit from a full professional service by PolyQuant’s experts, having years of experience with the application of QconCAT technology to various projects involving targeted quantification of proteins by mass spectrometry.

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