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UroQuant wins at Science4life Technology Slam

At this year’s 4th Science4life Technology Slam, UroQuant won the prize for best presentation in the category “Diagnostics and Analytics” for its spot on 3 minute presentation. More information about UroQuant:



“Neues Diagnostikinstrument für Blasenkrebs in Sicht”

Artikel von PolyQuant in der aktuellen Ausgabe von Transkript (10/2016)



RePLiCal – a new calibration standard for retention time standardization in proteomics

PolyQuant introduces a new calibration standard for proteomics that has been developed by Stephen W. Holman, Lynn McLean and Claire E. Eyers at the University of Liverpool (publication). The standard is based on PolyQuant’s proprietary QconCAT technology and now available for a special introductory price.


Tropoelastin – by PolyQuant GmbH

Tropoelastin is the precursor molecule of elastin, a flexible fibrous protein that is found in the extracellular matrix, providing elasticity and strength to various types of tissues. As tropoelastin becomes immediately crosslinked after its synthesis and export to the extracellular matrix, it is normally not available and cannot be purified from tissues. PolyQuant GmbH offers recombinant human tropoelastin as sterile lyophilized powder for cell culture and other research applications. For more information please visit this website.


TransCard Logo

Since 2013, PolyQuant is partner of a consortium, called TransCard, that is funded by the Seventh Framework Protocol of the European Commision. This consortium of researchers and SMEs across Europe will study the mechanisms regulating plasma lipid levels in relation to cardiovascular diseases and aims at identifying novel targets for therapeutic intervention. PolyQuant’s QconCAT technology will help identifying, characterising and validating known and new therapeutically relevant targets. For more information, please visit the project’s website.