Dr. Andrea Bhangu-Uhlmann




Scientific Advisory Board


Prof. Rob Beynon

Prof. Rob Beynon’s research at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences is focussed on proteome dynamics, and the immediate need for protein quantification in this field of research lead to the invention of the QconCAT technology.


Dr. Julie Pratt

Dr. Julie Pratt, one of the inventors of the QConCAT technology is working as licensing and technology commercialization manager at University of Leicester.


Prof. Simon Gaskell

Prof. Simon Gaskell, Queen Mary University of London – (previously at the University of Manchester, Michael Barber Centre for Mass Spectroscopy) – Prof. Gaskell’s research interests concern the development and application of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, principally in the context of biological research. Individual research projects cover a broad range, from instrument development through aspects of gas-phase ion chemistry to structural characterizations of large biomolecules.